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Highlands Borough Arts Council (HBAC) and Off the Hook Restaurant invite you to submit photographs of your abstract painting(s) for possible inclusion in the WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ? Abstract Painting Exhibition. Taking place at Off the Hook’s expansive second floor gathering space overlooking the Shrewsbury River, Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean, this interactive exhibit celebrates how abstract art is very experiential and how the same image may evoke very different impressions. Viewers will be asked to share what they think the artists were thinking of when creating their works – and the viewers impressions will be compared to what the artists were actually thinking. The show will hang for 4 weeks.


Submit Electronic Photo of Painting to: by October 2, 2016
Artwork Drop Off Date: October 9, 2016
Exhibit Opening: October 15, 2016
Artwork Drop of Place: Highlands, NJ location TBD
Maximum Number of Submittals/Artist 3
Submission Fees Free
Sales Administration Fee: Artists can sell the exhibited paintings through HBAC Highlands Borough Arts Council for an admin fee of 20% of the sale price


The exhibit is curated by Donna Rae Kessinger. Donna Rae Kessinger is a working Artist and Curator, based in Highlands, NJ. Her focus is mainly on projects that encourage collaboration between emerging artists and communities, resulting in a marriage of art and commerce in the form of a possible intervention /performative work, public art project, or traditional gallery exhibition. The exhibitions were often augmented with lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and interdisciplinary events. Programs included juried, curated and invitational exhibitions, featuring the work of regional, New York, and international emerging and established artists
About the Venue - Off the Hook
Off the Hook has been a part of the Highlands Community for well over a decade and the ownership has been part of Highlands for their whole lives. Off The Hook has been a beacon of the community and has become the "Cheers" of Highlands. As resilient as this town is, Off The Hook has been right there with the rest of us.
(Painting by RJ Clawson)

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