A non-profit community arts organization in Highlands, New Jersey

The Highlands Borough Arts Council’s Mission:

Arts for all.

We are a non-profit community arts organization in Highlands, New Jersey.


Our Goal

We aim to support the quality of life in Highlands, New Jersey, by helping the arts to flourish.

HBAC has a broad interpretation of art and creativity. We embrace both classically trained and self-taught creators of all ages and mediums.

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We endeavor to bring interesting and inclusive arts programming to Highlands in the form of artist speaker events, gallery shows, interactive sketch crawls, instructional workshops, artisan fairs, and more. With the exception of some instructional workshops, our programming is free. See below for some of our featured programming or click this link for further details:


Artist speaker series

Launching in 2019, HBAC will bring a monthly curated speaker series entitled Muse & Me to Highlands, held at Water Witch Coffee. Each month a new artist from various mediums will share their thoughts on process and inspiration.


HBAC partners with local venues and artists to offer workshops to Highlanders, with both free and paid offerings. Workshops are listed on our Events page and HBAC members pay a reduced rate for any workshops that have a cost.

Camera Club

The HBAC Camera Club is an informal, friendly group of amateur photographers who share their skills and experiences once a month. In 2019, the Camera Club is sponsoring a Teen Photography Group running from April - June.

Annual Artisan Fair

HBAC organizes an annual Artisan Fair in December. Held at the Highlands Community Center, the fair brings over a dozen area artists, artisans and craft vendors selling unique handmade goods.


Get Involved

Highlands has a rich artistic history and we believe the arts are a game-changer for community involvement. If you are an artist, creative, maker, arts-interested, or simply want to explore new ideas, please consider becoming a member or joining us for an event.


Join us for an event

With the exception of some instructional workshops, our events are free of charge.

Volunteer opportunities

As a 100% volunteer organization, we are always open to new volunteers!

Become a member

A $25 (individual) or $40 (family) annual membership supports our programming.